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Another satisfied customer...

"Annemarie’s innovation and determination has lifted a great weight off my shoulders by sorting and filing piles of papers.

It is very liberating to effortlessly pick out any needed file at a glance. Annemarie has re-organized my work area to be more efficient, time saving and a delight to work in."

Pina Castellani, MT
NuWave Aromatix

"On every occasion that we have had to use the services of Organized Alternatives, Annemarie has been able to identify our needs and then develop a made to measure solution which has rendered our task all the easier by improving our efficiency and delivery time. I can readily recommend her services as an important tool in helping organize your work and your office."

Gerry Labelle
Angelis Consulting INC.

"It is easy for people to underestimate the power of an organized office and the benefits of a Professional Organizer, however now that Annemarie had assisted me with my office, I truly feel that I am better able to not only to locate and file information, but also better equipped for time management. I would highly recommend Annemarie’s Services to anyone."

Helen Francis
Superintendent of Occupational Health & Medicine Environment, Health and Safety
CVRD Inco Limited

"I have learned a lot from you in a very short period of time. I’ve learned that keeping junk only adds to more un-organization in my life. You have taught me to put things away at the end of the day so that my desk does not look cluttered and it helps me feel organized the next day. Your process of putting tabs on folders with different colors of folders also works well for me and I have shown other people in my office to do the same.

Thanks so much for making my life easier and helping me stay organized not only in my work environment but also in my home environment."


"This is a sincere thank you to Annemarie May for her help in getting my sewing area organized. She truly "Cuts to the Chase" and as a result I have an area, which is much more organized and is more pleasant to work in. I appreciated her professionalism and would recommend her services to anyone."


"Annemaries’s dynamic energy is contagious and the benefits of hiring her reached far beyond my new filing system. I highly recommend her services to anyone ready to improve how they organize themselves."


"Annemarie with Organized Alternatives helped me let go unwanted possessions. She had the solutions of what to do with the stuff as well as how to organize what is left. She had me think why I was trying to hold onto all these possessions.

Thanks to Annemarie, I finally faced the clutter in the basement, I have been able to take control and clear it out. It freed me from the weight of all that stuff.

I don’t now how to describe the feelings of having it gone. It’s like I have a chunk of my life back."


"Annemarie has changed my attitude towards home and my office. I have considered my living and work spaces as sacred, homey places of clutter, and yet felt overwhelmed and disorganized at the same time. I now see that more satisfaction can be had in spending my time doing the things I want to do, rather than searching endlessly for things, paper and information that I need. Annemarie has forced me to complete structural organizational tasks and given me "more calm" in my day."


I look forward to working with you,

Annemarie May
Professional Organizer
Organized Alternatives
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